Preparing For Newborn Photography

Where do newborn sessions take place?

Inside your home is best for comfort and since you have everything you need there. A room with a lot of natural light from big windows is our main focus. The more natural light, the better! We try to avoid using flash and lights on the little ones as their eyes are particularly sensitive to light in these early days. Keep the baby warm. Crank up the temperature in the house to a comfortable 80 degrees about half an hour before your session start time. Space heaters work well too if you would prefer. The warmer temperature will hopefully help your newborn stay asleep and happy. If interested in naked photos, loosen the diaper a little before we arrive if you are interested in having cute newborn photos without a diaper. This will eliminate any annoying diaper lines and the need for retouching later.

What do you bring to the session? Is there anything I need to bring?

DBAPIX brings the entire newborn studio to your home which may include a heater, lighting and background. If there is a special keepsake and/or outfit that you wish to have captured with baby, we will certainly do our best to include it in the session. We recommend that you bring a couple of blankets and wraps. Washing and practicing with the wrap ahead of time will help baby to feel comfortable with the outfit transition.           

How Long Are The Sessions?

We offer sessions 7 days a week. Since our sessions  run approximately 30 minutes to an hour, our sessions all begin in the morning and through noon depending on baby. We recommend parents do not schedule any appointments during the day of your session.

Do You Take Sibling/Parent Photos With The Baby?

We will focus on capturing a variety of newborn poses through the session. We encourage siblings and/or parents be included in the session.  There is no additional cost to photograph these photos. We will add them to your collection along with your newborn photo. Note that any sibling or parent pictures will be taken as casual lifestyle images in one location in your home (e.g. your bed, couch, nursery, or wall as a background). We do not bring in special lighting and backdrops for these, so they will not have the same studio quality as your newborn photos.

When Can I Book A Session?

It’s never too early to book a session, especially when you have a due date that we can plan around. Most parents do schedule in their 2nd trimester. But we absolutely try our best to accommodate every baby, even for last minute sessions after baby has arrived. Please send an email at to book your session with us.

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