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Slideshow: Check out our previous cover photos captured by DBAPIX

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Danny B. Acevedo

We are delighted to capture you and your family for Cambrian Living Magazine. I have been grateful to meet the families for our magazine. Rest assured, we will try our very best to make sure that your cover photo stands out.

What to wear?

We prefer to capture the family in front of their residence. However, we also encouragethe families to capture inside the house if possible. This way we can add variety. For front of house, please take a moment to pull out an outfit that will compliment your front porch or front door. For dark doors, please select lighter clothing attire (ie. white or cream shirts, dark jeans) . For light colored doors, please select darker clothing (ie. blue or gray shirts or tops, dark slacks, khakis or jeans). Clothes should be ironed or free from visible wear as it is difficult to correct clothing in post processing. Inside of the house, we can capture in the living room, sitting on a sofa or standing near a fireplace or against a wall. We also have a backdrop available, please notify us ahead of time.

How will we Iook ?

Our cover shooting style is vertical. This is so that your photo will fit our cover specifications. This means that we will likely capture you from head to feet and crop/zoom in accordingly. You are encouraged to groom the kiddos, check for clean shoes, make sure that the adult males are clean shaven. Fly away hair can be kept at a minimum with hair product. You will have the opportunity to change your pose during the photo session to ensure the best and most natural look. Shirts with writing, large logos or extreme colors are not recommended (think "timeless look").

What happens after my session?

I am happy to share the enhanced photos with the families. In thanks for your contribution to our magazine, I will give you the photo collection free of charge. This means that you can download the photos in high resolution, share with friends and family and print at the print site of your choice!

Any questions ?

Feel free to send me a text at 408-636-3687 or email me at dbapix@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer your questions regarding your upcoming session.

Stay Timeless.

Danny B. Acevedo


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